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Decay ignites the imagination

I am pleased to take you to the world behind the 'no-entry' signs and the locked doors. This page offers a glimpse of the beautiful, forbidden world of decay as I see it.

Daan Oude Elferink
Schrijnwerkersveste 18
6846 BP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Tel.      +31 655 833114

KvK-number: 58515585
BTW-number: 168024135B01

Gift of Time

  • Released in
  • Hardcover 30x24 cm
  • 176
  • 170 grams paper Silk + 2 x matt dispersion
  • ISBN

Abandoned, Forbidden and decayed are the keywords around my work. I capture the beauty of amazing buildings and objects that are slowly decaying with time. Becoming more beautiful but also more dangerous. The adventure is as important as the photo itself. Climbing rooftops, crawling through sewers, avoiding security guards and never knowing how safe it really is. I try to always capture that tension and excitement in my work.

‘Tea Time’ is the photo I have used for the cover, it was taken in an amazingly beautiful but incredibly dangerous Belgium castle. It was almost completely collapsed, but also full of beauty and glory having still its original furniture inside.

For the photo ‘Heavenly Light’ I had to drive to Poland 3 times before being able to capture the stream of light shining through the hole in the roof creating the perfect backdrop for my shot.

At the amazing castle in Belgium where I made the photos ‘Tunes of Decay’ and ‘Forgotten Alfas’ I made a luckily escape from the police. After hiding in the attic, I made the right choice by taking the spiral staircase while the police took another route upstairs. I managed to reach my car undetected by fighting my way through scrubs.

Iron plates made it challenging to enter the theatre in France. I was on the verge of giving up when I found a deep hole under a tree trunk. I used my telescopic ladder and climbed down almost 4 meters. I managed to crawl through mud until finally I reached a staircase. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that this staircase bought me into the middle of the balcony in the theatre. How lucky could I be! Because it was pitch black I used 500 candles, a couple of torches and a very long shutter speed to capture the shots ‘Prominent View’ and ‘Theatre Baroque’.

€39,95 (Vat included)