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Decay ignites the imagination

I am pleased to take you to the world behind the 'no-entry' signs and the locked doors. This page offers a glimpse of the beautiful, forbidden world of decay as I see it.

Daan Oude Elferink
Schrijnwerkersveste 18
6846 BP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Tel.      +31 655 833114

KvK-number: 58515585
BTW-number: 168024135B01

Gift of Time - Limited Edition

  • Released in
  • Hardcover 30x24 cm
  • 176
  • 170 grams HV satin finished MC
  • ISBN

Gift of Time is also available as a special edition which has a limited edition of 100. This special edition comes in an exclusive handmade box and includes the artwork ‘Tea Time’ in the size 33x50cm.
‘Tea Time’ was taken in a beautiful but very dangerous castle in Belgium. Even though the furniture is still standing in its place, the surroundings were crumbling down by the minute.

€499,00 (Vat included)