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Decay ignites the imagination

I am pleased to take you to the world behind the 'no-entry' signs and the locked doors. This page offers a glimpse of the beautiful, forbidden world of decay as I see it.

Daan Oude Elferink
Schrijnwerkersveste 18
6846 BP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Tel.      +31 655 833114

KvK-number: 58515585
BTW-number: 168024135B01

Touched by Time

  • Released in
  • Hardcover 30x24 cm
  • 176
  • 170 grams paper Silk + 2 x matt dispersion
  • ISBN

Atmosphere is reflected in the dilapidated decay of a subject. In this book I try to bring across not only the influence time has but also how powerful nature can be. How plants have the ability to take over and penetrate buildings to make their own impression. The magic world of dilapidation and decay.

The ‘13th Floor’ got its name not because it was taken on the 13th floor, but because of the association of bad luck and danger with the number 13. For this reason in many countries buildings have no 13th floor; they skip from 12 to 14. The result giving the feeling of an optimal illusion. On first glance it seems like the missing floor is a pool of water with a perfect reflection of the room. Taking this picture was very risky, but also very exciting and challenging. A few months after taking this photo the roof collapsed.

The photo ‘War and Peace’ was taken in an incredibly special place in France. While one side of the castle is in ruins and has completely collapsed, the remaining part is still filled with original artifacts. The canon in the living room really stands out, but upon closer inspection there were many more odd museum/like objects: various swords, old globes, a violin and an organ.

‘Shades of Grey’ cost me several attempts and an in-depth study of the surrounding area to enable me to enter this abandoned psychiatric hospital in Italy. It was worth the patience as there was an amazing atmosphere created by the fantastic stairs, high ceilings and beautiful windows.

In 2017 Touch by Time won a prize in the category MONOGRAPHY awarded by the FEB (Federation of European Photographers) in Catania in Sicily.

€39,95 (Vat included)