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Decay ignites the imagination

I am pleased to take you to the world behind the 'no-entry' signs and the locked doors. This page offers a glimpse of the beautiful, forbidden world of decay as I see it.

Daan Oude Elferink
Schrijnwerkersveste 18
6846 BP Arnhem
The Netherlands

Tel.      +31 655 833114

KvK-number: 58515585
BTW-number: 168024135B01

Urban Exploration & Photography (new release)

  • Released in
  • Hardcover 30x24 cm
  • 132
  • 170 grams HV satin finished MC
  • ISBN

This is the book that I released in 2012, but in the same quality and size as Gift of Time and Touched by Time. As a result, the different books fit nicely in the new collection box set. Those who already have Gift of Time and Touched by Time can send an email to to receive a free collection box.

“How am I going to get access and what treasures will I find” is always in the back of my mind when I set out on an exploration. In this first book the influence of time, divers vehicles and buildings, churches, hospitals and industrial buildings, from hotels to prisons. Every building has its own unique story to tell. Some have dilapidated even more, others don’t exist anymore. Because the locations I visit are difficult to access, there’s a unique story behind every photo. 

‘Tunnel Vision’ is probably the most dangerous position I have every found myself in. To reach the abandoned metro tunnel we ran behind a moving metro train. We managed to crawl through a hidden partition and there we came across a simply amazing secret side tunnel. Here we were able to take our time to an extent, however not too much time because the first part of the metro line was still being used. Full of adrenaline we managed to  get what we came for and safely make our way back to the partition, but not undetected. Two people that were patiently waiting at the next metro station saw suspicious looking guys with black hoodies and a backpack running out of the tunnel. That same evening there was an announcement on teletext that if we had have been caught we would have been treated as terrorists. 

‘The Hangover’ was made in the basement of a hotel in Eastern Germany. Usually I always use natural light, mostly because than I have less chances of being detected. In this basement however it was pitch black. By improvising  and placing torches in candle holders a magical glow of light appeared and with extreme shutter speed I was able to capture this photo.

‘Ancient History’ In the end perseverance won. It cost me 2 years and various attempts to access this Belgium Trade Fair Centre. I managed to gain access to it through an underground tunnel. The inside of the building was absolutely jaw-dropping and I had to ask myself, ‘How can something so plain and simple from the outside be so magnificent and breath-taking on the inside’. Absolutely Stunning!

Only for a few moments the sunlight created a perfect cross on the floor. I quickly took my shot and naturally named it ‘Cross of Light’. Exactly on time as the sun then faded and the cross disappeared.

€39,95 (Vat included)